• C++
  • Multi-platform
  • Modular
    • Clear boundary between algorithms, hardware interaction and system configuration
    • Reusability and maintainability
    • Simulation
    • Minimise constraints with the operational environments (portability)
  • Data driven
  • Live introspection tools
    • Without sacrificing RT

Some important functions

  • Provides development and execution environment for control systems
  • Defines a way of designing/developing
    • Tries to drive towards what is really needed!
    • Reduces mistakes
  • Provides standard interfaces to outside world
  • Facilitates test and commissioning
  • Ensures and monitors real-time


  • Why?
    • Debug and develop in non RT targets
    • Run exactly the same application as in the RTOS
    • Eases the debugging process
    • Usually better developing environment
    • Debugger and IDE
  • How?
    • Provide an abstraction layer/library which solves all the specificities of a given OS
      • Optimise code here
  • Possible?
    • Yes, runs in Linux, Linux+RTAI, VxWorks, Solaris, MS Windows and Mac OS X
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